LaDawn grew up singing to her mother’s 45s, so when she was approached by a young man in church demanding that she either sing with him or accompany him on the piano, the choice was simple. She had never considered herself a singer, but that day changed her mind. It was a stirring performance that convinced her that God had blessed her with a talent, one that could not be hidden.

LaDawn went on to perform through her teenage years. Her most memorable and favorite performance was when she sang to her husband at her own wedding. She boasts that there wasn't a dry eye in the church that day. Almost three decades later, LaDawn and her husband are still happily married. They were blessed with 6 children, and despite singing being her passion, LaDawn realized her family was her first priority and she concentrated on bringing the gift of music to them. She homeschooled her children to bring them a solid education and a life centered on Christ. Homeschooling also allowed her to spend time with her children, playing the keyboard, violin, and guitar. She also continued to perform when the occasion arose.

Although none of LaDawn’s children have chosen careers in music, her family has found many opportunities to perform together. It was a bittersweet moment when LaDawn shipped her two youngest children, a set of twins, off to college but she knew she would have no time for the empty nester blues as she had a musical career to revive!

Now, LaDawn divides her time between performing in Texas and visiting family, including 5 grandchildren, in Nebraska, Utah and Idaho. LaDawn’s outlook on the future is very positive, “I’m so excited. My Father in Heaven has been very good to me. And I’m taking a deep breath because I know I’m at the beginning of my second wind.”